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In April 2003 the ground work for Unlimited Airbrush was laid. We got married at 18 & 19 years old, and started our adventure in Adulthood.


In 2004 the opportunity arose to get into airbrushing. After working as a house painter for the previous few years, Derek decided it would be a good change for him, and for us. I was about 4 months pregnant with our first born child when this “change” took place, and to say it was a major change would be an understatement!


In 2008, Unlimited Airbrush went public. After 4 more years of house painting, 2 sons, and 1 more on the way, and 4 years of Non-Stop practice and dedication, the time had come to turn the hobby into a career. There was no going back, as this was now our livelihood.






Unlimited Airbrush is located in Hanford, CA, a small farming community in the center of the San Joaquin Valley.  In the beginning, business was slow, as airbrushing wasn’t an “in” fad, and the 2007 – 2009, Great Recession was in full swing. But together, with the support of our small community, Derek and I never gave up on our passion. We pushed harder, made new contacts, and marketed everywhere we could.


Here I sit, in 2015, 11 years after airbrushing became a part of our everyday lives. Many things have changed, opportunities have come and gone, but one thing remains the same, our philosophy! “Our customers are what keep us in business. Word of mouth, and referrals are what grow our business. So, excellent customer service, and providing top quality products are the key to running our successful business.”


We are a family owned and operated business. Derek Banegas (Co-Owner/Airbrush Artist) and Erica Banegas (Co-Owner/Customer Service Representative), Together with our 3 sons, 2 dogs, we are what makes Unlimited Airbrush.


Written by: Erica Banegas

Unlimited Airbrush: Our Story